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Welcome to Technology for Automotive 2021

  • Albie van Buel Managing Director | Chairman of the board of EWALS Cargo care | advisor to the board of HAIZEA S.A Spain, RAI Automotive Industry NL
  • Marc Hendrikse Chairman and Supervisory Board Member, Holland High Tech
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LightVehicle 2025: Strengthening collaboration and fostering innovations in the EU-region Meuse-Rhine

The region around the 3-country point of Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands is forming a hotspot for innovations in automotive lightweighting. Supported by Interreg euregio Meuse-Rhine, a consortium of innovators is leveraging the present regional strengths in a Virtual Cross-Border Technology Center, and is preparing the future with rising challenges to stay at the forefront of innovation. Concrete demonstrators include production innovations for cost-effective hydrogen fuel tanks, composite anti-roll bar design and manufacturing, lightweighting of gearbox housing by multi-material topology optimization, and a truck door ab-initio redesign with lightweight materials for increased safety and functional integration.

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Book presentation i-CAVE project

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Pauze en bezoek expo

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RAI & the Dutch Automotive Landscape

Tijdens Technology for Automotive zal hij spreken over het Nederlandse Automotive landschap.

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The future 2030 Donkervoort design

The development timetable for an all-new Donkervoort model is around five years, for a production life cycle of about 10 years.
Therefore, anybody working on a new Donkervoort model has to look some 10 to 15 years into the future to ensure the design remains fresh.
Many subjects will influence the design of the next car, but one of the biggest will be climate change.
Addressing climate change responsibly involves an energy transition, even at Donkervoort, and that will bring a change in driver behaviour.  

Lecture will be in Dutch.

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Efficient sustainability of composite parts with reLFT technology; in view of the European Green Deal

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in industrial products.  In view of the upcoming European Green Deal, the existing Legislation (End-of-Life Vehicles Directive 2005/64/EC) will force car manufacturers to construct cars with at least 85 % recyclable mass fraction. Therefore, producing high-quality and high-performance recycled materials is of utmost interest in the modern automotive industry.
This presentation focuses on the concept of reLFT (recycled Long Fiber Thermoplastic) technology and describes its high potential in serving the near-future automotive industry. The reLFT material technology uniquely uses post-industrial or post-consumer continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic waste and turns them into a high-quality engineering material that can feed parts and components made using molding and over-molding methods.

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Light weight technology and EV ecosystems

Ebusco leads the electrification of public transport with innovative zero-emission buses by overcoming major obstacles to electrification and by being an industry innovator and first mover in a European setting. With the Ebusco 3.0 we were also the first company in the world to deliver fully electric buses with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lower than that of diesel buses. In this lecture we will talk about the most important learning points we have overcome in recent years.

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The future of the European Mobility sector

  • Dr. Timo Möller Partner and Head of McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, McKinsey & Company, Inc.

The changes in the mobility sector are unprecedented, with three areas of disruption: The advancements in battery and fuel-cell technology as well as autonomous driving technology are impressive. The regulator wants to enable the mobility revolution, on the national/international level as well as on the local level. And the mobility consumers start to embrace the new opportunities when it comes to a more sustainable behavior and alternative ownership models.
We believe Europe—as a regulatory-driven market with incredible innovation strengths and positive consumer demand trends—will change the fastest and has a tremendous opportunity to become the global leader in new mobility.

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Vitesco Technologies: transformation to electromobility and beyond

Vitesco Technologies is an international leader in intelligent and electrified drive systems for sustainable mobility. Emerging from Continental’s Powertrain division, Vitesco Technologies connects competences from all around the world to provide a wide portfolio of propulsion solutions. The company goal is to be a pioneer for one of the largest tasks of the automotive industry: the movement away from combustion to electrified transport. Moreover, Vitesco Technologies is aware of the challenges appearing in the product life cycle from resource extraction to product recycling, where it is including sustainability into this complex process.

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