• 16:15-16:45
  • Auditorium

From idea to a prototype: Automotive manufacturing

  • Dr. Roman Goronok
  • HONPE Technology

Challenges on the way of materialization of the idea. Industrial prototyping options. Material vs. Functionality. Aesthetic Models and Functional Prototypes. Time vs. Cost in prototyping. Confidentiality protection at the stage of prototyping.

As represented in the keynote on Materials developement, the Automotive industry is active in innovations in the area of materials.

The created diversity of new materials and the combination with existing materials (hybrids) lead to challenges in production,
This leads to the need for new production technologies and methods, that can deal with the new demands while enabling energy efficient production.

Another trend in the Automotive Industry is the increasing demand of persionalization of vehicles: series N = 1. This development creates a demand for flexible production processes.