• 12:30-13:30
  • Auditorium

Green Mobility & Electrical Vehicle Safety (Rijkswaterstaat, Bender, UMS)

  • Bert van Mil MBA B.Eng
  • UMS
  • Raymond Vergouwe
  • Bender Benelux B.V
  • Rob de Groot
  • Rijkswaterstaat (RWS)

Bender: New market technologies require safety strategies to guarantee the safe use of electricity and process within the application. Within the E-mobility market this goes from setting up the charging station infrastructure over the charging process to operating reliability and safety of the vehicle.During the lecture you will be informed about the highlights within the international standards and electrical safety requirements. From AC/DC charging infrastructure and electrical vehicle safety. The usage of insulation monitoring, schematic overview of connecting heavy duty charging infrastructure to a bus or truck and measuring methods to be used.

UMS: Apart from the environmental necessity to cut emissions, there are many more opportunities for the electrification of transportation. At the same time the energy transition in transportation will not just have a large impact on the automotive industry but also on the pace of the energy transition in general. There are many hurdles to take on the road to 100% electric transportation.

Rijkswaterstaat: The real game changers towards smart and green mobility will come from behaviour change. To take the system of mobility as starting point for solutions, not individual modalities. To make it more flexible for travellers and cargo and to overcome barriers towards other systems like energy of spatial planning. New alliances are needed to solve problems. But its also  give chances. Smart & Green mobility, changing social issues into business opportunities.