• 11:30-12:15
  • Auditorium

EOLAB rises to the challenge of ultra-low fuel consumption

  • Laurent Taupin
  • Renault

In 2014, Renault presented EOLAB, a prototype exploring ways to deliver 1 litre/100km fuel economy, equivalent to 22g of CO2/km. To achieve such low figures, the designers focused their efforts on three main areas: minimising weight, refining aerodynamics and developing a disruptive hybrid technology which foreshadowed today’s “E-TECH” powertrains.

The Automotive Industry (and the mobility industry in general) faces a large number of challenges in the area of reducing CO2 and harmfull substances (such as NOx and Particulate Matter). Besides making the next steps in the development of the combustion engine, Automotive manufacturers are developing alternative drivelines.

During Technology for Automotive, several initiatives will be highligted:

  • Further development of electrical powertrains (with or without fuel cels);
  • Further hightening of combustion engine efficiency;
  • Alternative fuels such as syntehtic fuels,, LMG, CMG and biofuels;
  • New ways of using mobility;
  • Climate agreements;
  • Etc.