Tribus nominated for Busworld Innovation Label Awards

The latest innovation from the Dutch company Tribus, the 100% electric city bus from Movitas, has been nominated for the Innovation Label Vehicles Award from Busworld. The Award is presented every edition of Busworld to the most innovative vehicle of the moment.

The Movitas is first 100% electric citybus with a complete low floor and compact dimensions  in the midi segment. The Movitas is modular built and available in 3 lengths;  8.20m, 8,75m and 9.70m. The powerful design is lightweight, compact and agile making even inner cities highly accessible. The bus can be fitted with modular battery packs in the floor and in the rear, charged by depot charging or opportunity charging. The Movitas is equipped with the latest technology solutions for energy efficiency.

The design of the Movitas is completely focused on energy efficiency. A special heat pump uses the energy of the driveline for the floor heating and the panoramic windows are  equipped with well insulated double glazing and UV filter. Because all features have a low energy consumption this results in a significant energy reduction compared to other electric buses, allowing an extended range.

The completely flat floor is a result of the battery packs that are located in the floor, providing the Movitas with a low centre of gravity for comfortable and safer driving. Thanks to the flat floor the Movitas can transport more standing passengers than a bus with similar dimensions. Other features like four wheel steering make the Movitas very agile and highly accessible. A perfect solution for zero emission and silent passenger transport in urban areas.