Movitas 8200 solo

Automotive sector toont innovatiekracht tijdens Technology for Automotive 2019

Succesvol zijn door innovatie en samenwerking. Deze thema’s staan centraal tijdens Technology for Automotive 2019 op 29 oktober bij het Mikrocentrum te Veldhoven.

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Automotive 3D workshop

Additive Manufacturing Design for Automotive Workshop met o.a. HP, Additive Industries & Materialise

Autofabrikanten pasten als een van de eersten 3D printtechnologie toe, vooral voor prototyping. De productlevenscyclus van een auto wordt immers alsmaar korter en het modelveelvoud is de sterk toegenomen.

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Tribus nominated for Busworld Innovation Label Awards

The latest innovation from the Dutch company Tribus, the 100% electric city bus from Movitas, has been nominated for the Innovation Label Vehicles Award from Busworld.

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Automotive 2020

Sencio: The assembly landscape is changing

The landscape for semiconductor and sensor assembly is changing. On one hand we see the move to further miniaturization through wafer-scale packaging,while on the other there is a move to...

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TMC Sioux Logena Nieuws

Racing and E-Piaggio's: Experience it at the outdoor demo area

This years Automotive Congress has a lot to offer. Examples of smart and green mobility solutions, a fine selection of Automotive industry suppliers and a international selection of speakers representing...

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AUT2018 TomTom 1200x627

TomTom Platinum Sponsor of Automotive Congress

Platinum Sponsor TomTom has partnered up with the Automotive Congress. During this event, TomTom will be multi-present in demonstrating their newest developments by showing their Mobile Mapping Vanin the outdoor...

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Student team STORM/SPIKE present during Automotive Congress 2018

TUE/e Student team STORM Eindhoven , now SPIKE, will also present themselves during the Automotive Congress the 23rd of May in the Evoluon, Eindhoven.

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Linkedin Demos

Outdoor Demo Area full of innovation

Experience Automotive developments During the congress, concepts of Smart & Green Mobility, innovative materials and efficient manufacturing will be discussed.

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12e editie Automotive Congres

Cross-sectorale samenwerking centraal met thema “Crossing borders”

Tijdens de 12e editie van het Automotive Congress op 23 mei 2018, in het Evoluon te Eindhoven, slaan AutomotiveNL en Mikrocentrum wederom de handen ineen om de internationale automotive industrie...

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Speciaal tekenmoment Light Vehicle 2025

De internationale automotive-industrie stelt hoge eisen aan technologie, efficiency en kwaliteit. Een terugkomend thema rondom deze eisen is CO2 reductie.

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