This is Technology for Automotive 2020

The automotive world is on the verge of major changes. Global challenges such as traffic jams, the depletion of fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect make it necessary for companies to cooperate internationally and cross-sectoral. Think of collaborations in the field of Smart Industries and Nanotechnology, but also with the top sectors Energy and Logistics; cross-sectoral cooperation is the key to global success! 

Technology for Automotive: the leading event on the Dutch automotive technology calendar

Technology for Automotive, specifically tailored on the innovative automotive industry of the Netherlands, is a joint venture organized by RAI AutomotiveNL and Mikrocentrum. It combines two recognized events: the Automotive Congres and the AutomotiveNL Supplier Day. The aim is to connect and inspire at an international level with developments, interaction and expertise, from suppliers to OEMs to material specialists and everything in between. The diversity of thematic topics such as green & smart mobility, manufacturing & logistics and materials & design create a strong distinctive role for the industry. Technolofy for Automotive contributes to sharing knowledge and experience with a focus on new ways for future mobility. 

Online Meet & Match - How does it work?

A Matchmaking-event is a quick en easy way to meet potential collaboration partners in face-2-face conversations. 10 minutes is fast, but it's enough to establish the first connections before the bell rings and the next conversation starts.

Making online B2B appointments is easy. It is a video conversation (similar to skype and other tools) supported by the B2match platform. Preferably use a computer with a webcam and microphone installed. No additional software is required.

This are the steps:

1. Registration of the profile via the green button 'Register now'.
2. Go to the participant list (Participants menu option) and select an available participant.
3. Click on the person you want to invite and press Meet. You can add a personal message to the invitation.
4. A few days before the online B2B event you will receive your provisional appointment schedule. You can then still send your latest requests for the online appointments.
5. You will receive your definitive agenda just before the online B2B event. You can also view your personal appointments via the appointment menu (Meetings Menu) on the B2match platform.
6. You can start your appointments online on 29 October. For all appointments you can press the Meeting starts button at the right time. Please use the latest version of a commonly used browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird, Edge, ...). The connection is then established and the conversation can begin. You can show an app file (Powerpoint, ...) or web page during your conversation. If your conversation partner is not yet present, you can quickly send him or her a message via the 'Message' button.
7. Pay close attention to your timer and the start of your next appointment. The 10 minutes are over in no time.

B2B Meetings - A short Youtube intro

video automotive congress exhibition

An impression of past Automotive Events

video automotive congress