This is the 12th international Automotive Congress

The automotive world is on the verge of major changes. Global challenges such as traffic jams, the depletion of fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect make it necessary for companies to cooperate internationally and cross-sectoral. Think of collaborations in the field of Smart Industries and Nanotechnology, but also with the top sectors Energy and Logistics; cross-sectoral cooperation is the key to global success! It is not for nothing that the theme of the Automotive Congress is "Crossing borders".

The Automotive Congress has over the last years proven to be the most important happening on the Dutch automotive technology calendar

The Automotive Congress, a joint venture organized by AutomotiveNL and Mikrocentrum, connects and inspires at an international level with developments, interaction and expertise, from suppliers to OEMs to material specialists and everything in between. The diversity of thematic topics such as green & smart mobility, manufacturing & logistics and materials & design create a strong distinctive role for the industry. The congress contributes to share knowledge and experience with focus on new ways for future mobility. 

Meet the keynote speakers on the Automotive Congress

Albie van Buel

Vestas A/S

Renewable energy solutions

Marc Hendrikse

Disruption as chance

Harold Goddijn

Tom Tom

Navigating the future

Dipl. Ind. Designer Johannes Barckmann

EDAG Engineering GmbH

Data is the new currency – now also in the automotive industry

video automotive congress exhibition

Discover the Automotive Congress

video automotive congress

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Sponsoring or exhibiting at the Automotive Congress

Participating at the 12th Automotive Congress gives you the opportunity to highlight your innovations, expertise and brand to a specific target audience: specialists from the entire chain within the international automotive and mobility industry. The goal: to connect automotive suppliers, product developers, OEMs, test and knowledge institutes. Interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor? 

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